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Telephone Support Our telephone helpline is staffed between 8pm and 10pm every thursday evening by specially trained male and female volunteers. We treat all calls in confidence and you do not have to give your name. We will not ask you to give any information you do not want to. We offer to listen without judgement, with empathy and with respect. Your call is free and we are not able to trace your number.

Many men call us because they just don't know who to turn to. They have experienced an assault in adult life or they are still wrestling with the after effects of childhood abuse. The hurt doesn't stop just because the abuse does. They need to get it off their chest, to talk, to be angry. They need someone to hear them. They need someone who understands. Sometimes they call us once and that is enough.

But there are a number of men who call us on a regular basis whenever they feel they need an understanding ear. Many men find it difficult to cope alone and they have no-one else who they feel comfortable sharing their stuff with. M-Power is there when you want to express your feelings or emotions or you just want to talk about your experience.

We also receive calls from partners and family members of men who have been raped, sexually assaulted or abused either in adult life or in childhood. Sometimes it can be just as difficult for partners (both male and female) to manage the feelings and emotions they experience when seeing their loved ones in distress. We are there for you too.

Although we are based in Norwich, you do not need to be in the area to use our telephone service. We have callers from all over the UK. Your call is a freephone call so you are not charged, wherever you are calling from.

Currently, we have just one phone line, so you may find it is sometimes busy when you call. Please try to get through again.

0808 808 4321

Every thursday evening 8pm to 10pm

  M-Power is a member of the Telephone Helplines Association
offering quality and confidence to callers.