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Training Services offered by M-Power

M-Power offers specialist training to people in the statutory and voluntary sectors who are involved with the support of male survivors of abuse.

Why Training? Although many people are aware of abuse, whether child abuse or rape, few have insight and understanding of the complexity of the issues surrounding this subject. People who are still being abused, or have suffered some form of abuse at a point in their lives, however long ago, need appropriate help and support to assist survival and recovery and to deal with the emotions resulting from this experience.

Aims and purpose It is the aim of all training provided to raise awareness and knowledge of abuse and the issues surrounding it. The types of abuse and the lasting effects a person may exhibit, such as depression, self-harm, and anxiety, etc may be explored. It is also intended to provide the course participants with information to aid victims of abuse to seek appropriate help, support and information.

The training provided All training is provided by our Trainers, using other people/agencies to assist as appropriate. All training needs are discussed in detail to ensure the course participants training requirements are met. Training sessions may be either ‘one off’ sessions or as part of a more complex training programme. All course materials are provided.

Suggested Training Topics
  • Defining abuse.
  • Types of abuse.
  • Myths surrounding abuse.
  • Stigma
  • Disclosure/who can I tell?
  • The trauma of abuse/lasting effects.
  • Unique issues faced by men
  • Practical help: How to cope as a victim of abuse.
  • How to cope as a professional/lay person
  • Where to turn for help

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