Male Rape Help

For people who’ve had the unfortunate experience of being sexually assaulted and even others to the extent of rape, it takes quite some time before they have their lives back on track. Most people cope with the aftermath in many different ways which are unique to each victim. The coping mechanisms can at times be fruitful, but most of them are normally just natural reactions to the traumatic event that happened and do not entirely put someone on the right course of healing. This is why rape victims normally need help and guidance to assist in dealing with the entire situation in a healthier manner.

Most rape crisis help centres and forums are normally more focused on the rights and needs of girls and women and go on to provide specialist services in safe places for women only. The male gender has been quite side-lined in this arena and people just don’t believe that men and boys also experience sexual assault. This brings to light the need for help being accorded to male victims of rape.

This article will discuss some of the helpful tips and methods that can be incorporated into the healing process for male victims of rape and other modes of sexual assault.

Find an Audience

One of the things that can make a great difference when dealing with male rape effects is finding even a single person that you trust to be confidential with what you will share with him/her. Once you’ve identified such a person, you should then explain to them the measures that you’ve put in place to help in dealing with the assault’s effects.

This will put the person in a better position to reflect on the strategies that you’re using. It is important to note that the process of locating such support people is hard, but it is vital for your healing process. You will also do well to remember that the choice of whom to tell, when and what to tell all lies with you. The moment you begin talking your mind out regarding the rape ordeal is the moment that you make your first step towards healing. It makes you better placed to come to terms with reality, embracing the pain and providing a stepping stone that will enable you to move on.

As much as men do not like the idea of expressing their feelings to other people, it is vital to understand that cases of trauma such as from rape are entirely different. Not talking about the experience will surely do you more harm than good. In the event that you do not have a close friend that you can comfortably confide in or even a family member, then you should search for a psychologist, counsellor or social worker that you are sure you can trust.

In the UK, organisations such as Survivors UK and The Survivors Trust are some of the voluntary centres that you should visit. In addition to that, there are many services provided by the NHS in the UK.

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Try and Stay Safe

It is normal that after a sexual assault, there are many ways in which people use to try and stay safe. Some men prefer seeking support from the people that are close to heart to them, while others prefer being invisible by keeping quiet and segregating themselves. The post-rape situations differ from one rape victim to another but what is common is that the victims try and take some actions in a bid to try and become safer.

These steps are essential towards making them recover from the trauma. Most of them will end up being successful and the only enemy towards making such rapid progress, especially in men is the fear of emerging from their cocoons and facing their fears. It is important also to acknowledge that some of these efforts don’t end up being successful, but that should not stop you from searching for the ones that can work well for you.

Living Life

Another aspect that male victims of rape should consider going back to the things which are meaningful in life to them. This is one of the most critical steps that one should put into consideration as it helps to numb the effects that come with male rape.

Some of these activities include; reading, painting, and drawing, playing a sport and many others. Activities that have always been the source of your strength should also be incorporated into your daily routine of healing from the rape. These include the likes of prayer, meditation, and counselling among many others.


Male rape is one of the types of sexual assault that has not been accorded the attention that it deserves in many societies around the world. The traumatic events that happen during the ordeal are horrific and their aftermath can indeed haunt the victims. This shows that help is needed for the victims to get back to their normal lives in one piece. This article above has shed some light onto some of the ways that can be of help for male victims of rape. Has it been informative enough for you?